Bridge to the west is a network of colleges all around the world that primarily teaches languages, It all started with just a few small English language Colleges to help overcome the barriers of English language requirements of the Universities Which was (Tofel and Ielts at the time) for DPPM Education students.

DPPM Education is a student recruitment company which now operates over 34 countries and over 2000 Universities and Educational Institutes ,Over the years thousands of DPPM Education's Students were not qualifying for entrance to Universities, so through some negotiations DPPM Education started getting a conditional admission from Universities, which allows to student to register in the University as long as they complete a short language course with a curriculum and passing the course with the final exam.

Number of students skyrocketed then , everybody was qualified because of Bridge to the west's miracle, so with the rising number of students bridge to the west's network of colleges Grew very fast up to 500.

After multiple studies in the Student Debt in the US, which at 1.4 Trillion Dollars surpasses the credit card debt in the US, Bridge to the west expanded to German and French Language .

The reason was to use The french and German Education system which is a European state funded Education, That gives foreign students FREE Education (around 500 Dollars per year) with Certain requirements.

Just like English language system, Bridge to the west now operates in France and Germany and with the merge of  Bridge to the West and DPPM Education and DPPM Immigration Into one company in 2016, 

Bridge to the west now is proud to offer American students FREE education in France ,Germany and Austria with the help of admission of DPPM Education with the Bridge to the west , WE GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE ADMITTED INTO THE UNIVERSITY TO STUDY FREE OF CHARGE IN A EUROPEAN ACCREDITED EDUCATION .

European education whether Law, medicine or business or any other subjects of study is accredited in the US and all over Europe and UK and also all around the world.

With the help of DPPM Immigration, Bridge to the west also assists all the students with their student visa FREE OF CHARGE .

Bridge to the West currently has more than 78000 Students worldwide and is now Proud to Offer american students with DEBT FREE QUALITY EDUCATION with more opportunities for future career.

Bridge to the west is growing everyday and will offer entrepreneurship opportunities for Its students .

if you are one of the people who wants to study Debt free in a better university with a brighter Future, fill in the admission form now to see if you get accepted, and as said above when you get accepted into Bridge to the west We will guarantee your admission.

As all of our students know, we are sure that you Understand as well now that 

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