Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you guarantee PH.D acceptance ?

PH.D is like a job in France and Germany and you will be even paid to be studying in a PH.D course, It is kid of like being employed in the ministry of education as teachers and university staff are. furthermore, our agreements with the universities do not include PH.D, But we COULD help you do that, ask your counsellor about this.

 Do you also offer accommodation?

Yes, we offer Dorms, Home-stay, Student Residence, and some people like to use shared flats , Of course everybody can find their own place.Our service here is free of charge and you can get a student residence for as little as 350 Euros per month if you apply soon.

How is transportation in France and Europe altogether?

France is very cheaply accessible by Metro, Tram and Buses and student get a discount as well whether you are in Paris or Lyon or maybe even nice, but as per experience we are you will most probably use the bikes which are all around France and you can use them for a member ship as little as 25 Euros. Between cities and countries, You have to use the fast-trains, Europe is dominated by trains Biggest in France would be SNCF.

But if you want to Fly whether domestic or within Europe, Cheap airlines such as Easy jet and ryanair are also available ( cheap = as little as 8 dollars)

and you always have Air France one of the best airlines in the world at your service.

Can i work while studying ?

With your student visa you have a 20 hour per week to Work permit alongside studying.

we also have an office which assists you for FREE to get internships in International Hotels and temporary jobs in restaurants and cafes and independent stores that have a contract with us.

Who can apply?

Students graduated from High school, Still studying in the last year of high school, but not yet graduated, students who have graduated in bachelor or associate degree, students who are in , or have competed a masters degree an are interested to do another masters degree.

What do you guarantee?

WE Guarantee that you will be accepted into an accredited university IF you have been accepted in Bridge to The WEST.

How much living cost?

​Your Living costs are different based on how you live, you could live on as little as 700 Euros per month To 1500 Euros , if you travel a lot.You could decrease your living costs if you stay at a dorm 

What should i do if i have more questions ?

Simply fill out a form or call our 24/7 Support center. we'll resolve issues within 12-24 hours.

What is the guarantee ? In a very simple manner please .


How much is the whole course ?

Our course has a one time flat fee of 10000 Euros, after our course and your acceptance you pay as little as 150 dollar to 700 dollars per year.

on a simple bachelor degree of 4 years you save between 50000 USD to 80000 USD in Student Loan and DEBT. I think you understand the gravity of the situation for medicine,law and business degrees. which you could invest on your future and company while getting a European quality education in some of the best universities in the world.


what else do you offer?
You University admission (with DPPM Education), Your student Visa(Under supervision of visa lawyers), 24/7 Toll free assistance in US, France,Germany and UK, finding accommodation (whether you use ours or otherwise)on going assistance in staying in your country of choice, Insurance and hundreds more, ALL FOR FREE AND GUARANTEED 

We also provide 2 chartered flights per month from JFK and LAX to Paris (CDG )

flights are everything included and is provided as cheap as possible .

the way we do this, is that we don't profit from the flight, you pay for the actual flight and no profit otherwise. Only registered students can use this service.